Five by Five // Sanctuary // Yoko Factor

This week on Hellmouthy AND #talldarkandbroody! A very special crossover episode! Dustin Loomis (Social Media: @dustinloomis) and Colin J. Morris (Drac & The Swamp Rats, Social Media: @como1787, @dracswamprats) join Ryan and Kelly to talk Faith’s appearances in Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel episodes FIVE BY FIVE, SANCTUARY, and YOKO FACTOR. They talk the tough stuff: club dance-fighting, whether people can change, and soap opera writing rooms! Also introducing our new segments, Colin’s Gift Gathering, Dustin’s Acting Corner, Dustin’s Rec Reads, Vein Talk, and Which Non-Whedonverse Character Are You?

Check out Dustin and Colin on The Nerdist School Improv house team Cousins!

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